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Thursday, January 26 was the 125th birthday of Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman. Google saluted “Queen Bess” as she was later known, on her special day with a Doodle.

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The Henrietta Lacks Story – by pmccray

Henrietta Lacks – Emmy winner and Oscar nominee Oprah Winfrey stars in and just finished production of HBO Films’ “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”.  Read her amazing story here >  Source: Afro-Centric Times


Becliadua Jumpsuit Vibrant – Zuvaa


Becliadua Jumpsuit Vibrant – Zuvaa

Beautiful handmade jumpsuit made of African fabric with a vibrant print. The jumpsuit has a zip at the back and a belt around the waist.

The jumpsuit is made by hand and with the love of our Ghanaian tailor Margreth.

Because our tailors use different parts of the fabric, the product can be slightly different from the picture. Therefore every item is unique!   Source: Becliadua Jumpsuit Vibrant – Zuvaa

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Let Us Not Forget the Reason We Celebrate Memorial Day – by Pmccray

Lawrence O. Mitchell – US Army – Korea, Willie L. Sasser, US Army – Vietnam – C. H. Brigance, Jr. – US Air Force – Gulf War – Saudi Arabia

I wish to thank my late father, late husband, son and my many ancestors for their service.

Memorial Day 2016
Thank You!

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Roots – Mini Series – Premieres Memorial Day 2016 | History Channel, A & E and Lifetime

Levar Burton, Kunta Kinte, Roots – 1977 – Malachy Kirby, Kunta Kinte, Roots – 2016

“Blacks are and were more than Slaves. We are an Integral thread in the fabric that is America.”  Alphaomega, LLC

“Do not remove the ancient landmark that your ancestors set up.” Hebrew, Proverbs 22:28

Starts Memorial Day 9/8 c – Four night mini – series. 9 p.m. beginning on Monday, May 30 on History, A&E and Lifetime. Check your local listings for channel and time information.  Source: Afro-Centric Times

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A Mother’s Day Tribute – Lifetime TV Movie; The Real MVP: The Wanda Pratt Story ~ by Pmccray

Wanda Pratt and her son Kevin Durant

On Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8, the Lifetime Television Network will pay homage to not only single mothers, but all mothers who sacrifice daily, and tirelessly give all in the raising of their offspring. Source: Afro-Centric Times

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Denzel Washington Event Raises $17,000,000 for Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture ~ BY: YESHA CALLAHAN

 Black Hollywood and notables gathered at Denzel and Pauletta Washington’s home and donated to a good cause. Read more . . .  Source: Afro-Centric Times


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THE MET GALA RED CARPET WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD ~ by Julee Wilson & Joslyn Winkfield


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Beyonce stuns the crowd on the red carpet during the 2016 Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City