Listen ladies thirteen days until New Years Eve 2015. I don’t know about you, but to me the beginning of a new year is my time to create a new chapter in the book I call my life.  Doing something so out of my character sphere adds meaning to my existence.

If there are any  celebrating Christmas and New Years with friends, or out and about wherever there is a party, might I suggest you ignite  your entrance with a drastic change of appearance. Let’s begin with a woman’s crowning glory . . . your hair!!

PURPLEHAIRJOINE I’m in love with the color purple, not only the movie, but the color all hues on all things. The new 2015 / 2016 color trends  are right up my alley.


Purplist (a word and definition I just concocted); a compassionate, free spirited soul of gentle nature.  Intense in love and life and at the same time sensitive to those in your sphere, dignified, creative, independent and mysterious.


The color purple exemplifies and exudes luxury, wealth, extravagance, nobility, wisdom and ambition.


Be it  lavender, amethyst,  magenta, violet or whatever hue you choose; this New Years Eve can be your own personal Cinderella story.

Purple Hair 1



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